Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Step (1) All furniture moved if possible prior to my arrival .I can help with larger items, where moving furniture is not possible it can be worked around.( Sofa's are moved, cleaned behind, then placed back on foil tabs, to prevent wood stain )

Step (2) All areas to be extraction cleaned are thoroughly vacuumed. (Where required)

Step (3) Any spots or stains are treated at this stage.

Step (4) Carpet is sprayed with a pre-spray (dependant on carpet type) Pre-spray is worked into high traffic areas. Then left for 10 min to break down soiling.

Step (5) Carpet is now ready for extraction cleaning where necessary a second application of stain remover is applied then extraction rinsed.

Step (6) If anti stain treatment is being carried out (Prochem fluroseal) this is applied to damp clean carpet.

Step (7) A carpet brush is used to re align carpet pile.

Step (8) Furniture is returned to the room tin foil is placed under any wooden legs that come into contact with the damp carpet ,this is to stop any dampness being drawn into the wood and staining the carpet. Polypropylene carpet will be dry within 2 to 4 hours Woollen carpet will take between 2 to 4 hours. Drying times can vary as its dependant on how dirty the carpet is and how much solution is used. Drying time can be reduced by leaving doors and windows open to increase air flow.