Stain Removal

Stain Removal

I can never guarantee complete removal of a stain, A stain is a stain. Turmeric, Beetroot, soft drinks dye, Lilly pollen, Fake tan, Makeup, Paint, Varnish, Hair dye, Red wine, Pet urine, Rust, Radiator leaks, soot and a hundred and one others.

My success at stain removal is always reduced, if non professional products have been used, prior to my attempt.
All of my professional products, are designed to work, on a ph and chemical makeup, of said stain, if this is altered, prior to my attempt, it makes removal much less achievable.

Domestically available stain removers, will often bleach the carpet, they are also Bio accumulative, it may look ok for a while, but gradually it will attract dirt and dust and eventually turn black, it just adds to the issues, as you are adding and not removing, it also causes foaming issues, which if you are not careful, can cause the vacuum motors in the machine, to suck foam up, which will damage them.

A stain, needs to be dealt with, in the first instance, the longer it is left, the harder it will be to remove. It is also dependant on carpet type, man made fibres , are4 less susceptible to stains. Rubbing stains vigorously will often help set it, by causing friction and heat, it is also possible to damage the pile, it’s best to scrape up and gently blot, then call for assistance.

Removal is a very detailed process, in some cases; I won’t even attempt it, because I know through experience, what my results have been.

Pet urine.
Urine issues from pet’s, can be difficult to deal with, pet urine changes chemical composition, in a matter of hours, if it isn’t dealt with, it will eventually bleach the colour and also rot the carpet, it can soak into the underlay and in some cases the sub flooring, once you re wet it, the smell will return, it needs to be treated, with a neutraliser and then extracted, sometimes even that isn’t enough to completely remove it, depending on how bad the contamination is.
All I can say is, I have 14 years experience and that knowledge is growing daily, I will do my best, using everything in my arsenal, to remove a stain for you.